The dental corporate

As a dental corporate or group, you will be having multiple practices, you will be having a group of leaders and managers managing the whole team. Correct? As a corporate or group, do you want to create and manage a team that has proactive, forward thinking, and high performing people within it? Do you want to managing teams that are leading the staff with consistency and stablility? Do you want all this while meeting the CQC, GDC and other regulatory requirements?

DentinalTubules gives you the opportunity to enhance your group’s teams’ abilities to thrive and flourish using the 4Ps of Growth. We enable you to unlock their potential, enhance their performance so that you can have high performing teams delivering consistent results throughout your group. We make your management of the people within the team easier. How does that sound? Useful? Let’s read on.

We enable the practice through the 4Ps of growth. Here are the benefits:

P1. Pathway

  • Discounted access to leadership development with partner organisations
  • The most superior intelligent iPDP
  • Dedicated appraisal and 360 feedback systems
  • Each practice team member will get their own login
  • A dashboard for each practice to add/remove team members as and when needed
  • The ability for you to monitor your team’s iPDP, learning goals, learning and CPD
  • Recommended learning modules (online and in person courses) bespoke for learning goals
  • The ability for you to create your own practice recommended database of learning goals for your team to choose from

P2. People

  • Connection to over 50,000 Tubulites worldwide via the online discussion board
  • Membership into the dental practice owners’ network
  • The ability to advertise on our dedicated jobs board and recruit growth minded Tubulites. They don’t submit CVs. They submit their iPDP. You recruit someone based on their history of growth.
  • The team meetings section will enable you to bring the team together to grow together. Creating events, logging the activities and offering them CPD for this. What a benefit eh?

P3. Power

  • Access for every single team member to the most superior and powerful intelligent personal development planner available. The iPDP meets all the GDC enhanced CPD requirements but unlike other portals, has additional more power features.
  • There is a powerful appraisal feature. Through this, your practice’s leadership team will be able to conduct meaningful, useful appraisals to enable the team members to develop learning goals that empower your practice
  • The iPDP provides recommended learning activities (both online and hands on in person courses) to help meet those learning goals
  • Each team member will have access to over 60000 minutes of high quality online learning from some of the world’s leading speakers and educators in the form of TubulesTalks. The talks cover clinical, non clinical and regulatory topics for the GDC , CQC etc. They can access the online learning talks any time, any where and from any device offering true flexibility.
  • Team members will also get huge discounts on hands on and in-person courses from our carefully selected education partners. Plus here is a real little benefit : at the courses, scan the QR code and the hands on course CPD will be in your iPDP immediately. No need for unnecessary fiddling with papers and all. Everything is stored in one place!
  • The ability for you to monitor progress of their learning through those goals via a dashboard

P4. Place

  • Access to a dedicated jobs board
  • Growth into the Tubules educator and leadership pathways and opportunities
  • The compliance section where you can not only load the usual policies, but load bespoke processes in your practice

The compliance section where you can not only load the usual policies, but load bespoke processes in your practice.