The dental trade company

As part of the dental trade, do you want to gain access to growth minded, passionate dental professionals who love what they do? Do you want to showcase your products and services to them? Do you want to increase your potential for sales?

DentinalTubules gives you the opportunity to enhance your group’s teams’ abilities to thrive and flourish using the 4Ps of Growth. We enable you to unlock their potential, enhance their performance so that you can have high performing teams delivering consistent results throughout your group. We make your management of the people within the team easier. How does that sound? Useful? Let’s read on.

We partner with organisations and companies that align to our values and offer them their own 4Ps of growth to give them the best possible opportunities. Here are the benefits:

P1. Pathway

  • Bespoke assessment to identify your priorities and goals

P2. People

  • A powerful partner page to attract the right potential customers with the following benefits
    • List your faculty and teachers
    • Create course events for both online courses and hands on or in person courses and event blended courses!
    • The full course management portfolio including event booking, event management, private messaging to delegates
    • And easy administrative management. Here is the best bit: when delegates attend your course, they simply scan the QR code and boom their CPD is in the Tubules iPDP. No need for unnecessary fiddling with papers and all. Everything is stored in one place including the feedback you receive for your own improvement.
    • We even give you a private alumni discussion area
    • Your courses are automatically linked to the relevant iPDP goals of Tubulites and so automatically come to their forefront.
  • Presence at all our main events

P3. Power

  • Access to our company partner programmes

P4. Place

  • Products on our relevant hands on courses