Incredible bank of education, and more importantly an amazing group of keen people who are willing to learn and share, which is rare in our egotistical profession. I have shared and taken on board so much with these guys and feel passionate about this mission!
Dr Nikhil Sethi
General Dental Practitioner, Square Mile Dental Practice, London
We would sincerely like to thank you for the contribution which Premium Membership has made to the training needs of our team. All team members have benefited from the extensive video library available on Tubules, with ease of access and user experience being key to its success. In addition, it has proved to be a great resource for demonstrating compliance with GDC CPD record keeping. The team can upload their other CPD to Tubules which provides a comprehensive overview of all CPD undertaken by each team member at the practice. We would highly recommend Tubules to any practice wishing to encourage and promote a commitment to continuing education.
David Nelson BDS MSc (Imp Dent)
Cranmore Dental Practice
Thanks for all your help in setting up our Practice Tubules membership. I thought i would drop you a note as we had our RQIA inspection today. The inspector seemed particularly impressed with our Tubules membership for the whole practice. It demonstrated how our staff can gain the verifiable core CPD, and their own recommended CPD, and that we as a practice can check very easily what has been completed and verified. Something they mentioned, that we hadn't realised yet, is the ability to quickly train new team members and bring them up to speed on things like medical emergencies without needing to wait on our yearly hands-on medical emergency training. I really appreciate all your help.
Andy Wallace
IAS Trainer, ESAO Director and Vice President
100% recommended. I just got back from a Tubules Road Show hands on preparation day. It was amazing and such good value. Compared to courses that I've paid several hundred pounds for, this was the most innovative, and I learnt so many good tips from Mahul. By looking at the preps before and after and comparing to the master prep it really allowed me to see where I can improve. The online Tubules is amazing too, the quality of the content and speakers you cannot beat. And also it is nice to meet like minded dentists! Thanks again!
Dr Angela Ly
General Dental Practitioner, Manchester
As a DF, a lot of treatments I've not been sure about, so I've read up on them or watched videos on Dentinal Tubules before carrying them out in clinic, which has been of great benefit. The option to share difficult cases and have other dentists comment and guide you is also invaluable. It's great to have the founder of the site, Dhru, so involved and readily available to help wherever he can. Lastly the study clubs are not only a great way to further your skills, but also a fantastic way to meet other dentists with similar goals and mindsets. Overall there is so much on offer - articles, webinars, tutorial videos, discussion forums and on top of that you've got study club sessions which are FREE to attend unlike most other dental associations, where despite having a membership, you've got to pay an extra fee every time you want to attend a practical session being held. If you are striving to better yourself then this is the perfect platform, and compared to other dental societies the cost of membership is actually affordable for young dentists.
Dr Ali Ghomeshi
General Dental Practitioner, London
As a young dentist it is so important to get exposure to what's out there in the world of Dentistry. When you qualify, you have barely just scratched the surface. As a Tubulite, I really do feel I was able to elevate my career on to a higher trajectory. It has raised my game and introduced me to mentors that I learn so much from.
Dr Jasneet Gulati
General Dental Practitioner, London
I have always been passionate about becoming the best dentist I can be and offering patients exceptional patient care. Being a part of Dentinal Tubules has given me the opportunity to learn, improve and meet like minded colleagues who are now close friends and mentors. The online resources give me the opportunity to learn when it is convenient for me and keep track of my CPD performance. I know how hard Dhru works to help organise regional and national events, alongside constantly adding to the bank of online recorded lectures. He is a testament to the profession and deserves applause. Thank you Dhru and the entire team at Dentinal Tubules for making me a Regional Director, and giving me a platform which has allowed me to learn and strive for perfection.
Dr Affan Saghir
I could go on forever here! Tubules is not just an education portal that encourages up skilling and being the best you can be. It is much more. Tubules is a family where like-minded people share without judgement. In an isolating profession, Dentistry can take its toll. Here lies a constant source of inspiration and fun. There is always support to hand and a great sense of unity, which the profession otherwise lacks in part. The quality and number of videos, live streams, lectures etc. is an absolute testament to Tubules. There are incredible names on the list! People learn in different ways and Tubules covers all the bases whether its audio, reading, watching or hands on. The convenience owing to the ever growing number of regions is amazing. Being 5 years post graduation, this is without doubt one of the biggest influences on my early career, and I am certain it will continue to propel me much further. I am absolutely honoured to be part of the Tubules journey, so thank you Dhru for such an opportunity!
Dr Elaine Mo
General Dental Practitioner, London
Thanks for the hard work you've put into this site. Over the past 4-5 years I've got so much out of the website - knowledge, tips and of course inspiration. So much so, that I did a masters degree to better myself. But the main thing is that it has kept me motivated and passionate about what i do. If you lose this, then dentistry ceases to be fun. Thank you again.
Dr Ananda Mistry
General Dental Practitioner, London
Tubules got me a job! My network of Tubulite friends recommended me to someone looking for a clinician, bigged me up and opened the door for me. This to me is the value of the Tubules network in microcosm. I'm inspired by others in Tubules to do more, I've made friends and a great network through being in Tubules, and that network has put me in touch with (and sold me to!) someone who can offer what I want. I'm growing professionally, and it wouldn't have happened like this without Tubules. Love it! Thanks guys.
Dr Tim Werry
I really don't know where to start, and I could go on for days so I'm going to try to summarise. Through Dentinal Tubules, I had a head start in dentistry. I've advanced my knowledge and skills while networking with like-minded dentists. I managed to improve my quality and learn new techniques. I achieved many goals using Dentinal Tubules and their courses. So much so that in the process of learning and providing the best care for my patient this year, I was awarded the foundation dentist of the year in my region. I would recommend this to any dentist, young or old, beginner or master. Big Love for Dhru and DT.
Dr Siavash Lord
As a busy NHS associate, it's quite easy to lose perspective in your career and before too long the target driven world of corporate dentistry can take over in what can be a very solitary professional environment. Upon joining Dentinal Tubules I immediately had access to a local network of like-minded enthusiastic individuals who take pride in their career and want to learn and share in a humble manner. Within six months of joining, I had met several local dentists in the same position as me on study days, been to Belgium on a composite course and expanded my network. I also Received a job offer, and have joined one of the best private practices in the region. Not all of this was down to Tubules, but the biggest things it gave me were the belief and inspiration to expand my horizons, and the confidence to take a different direction for my career. For that I am grateful. I really recommend you join Dentinal Tubules.
Chris Rutter
DT Newcastle & North East
Dentinal Tubules has created a family of like minded people who are there for each other all the time. As we all know, dentistry can be a lonely place, but Dentinal Tubules allows dentists to connect with each other through the website, study groups, conferences, whatsapp and social media! It has become my first point of contact for any issues I have ever had dental/non-dental. The level of knowledge/experience is second to none. The online learning is the best I have ever seen especially with the new website and the study clubs is the icing on the cake for me! It's a pleasure being part of this group, and I am very thankful to Dhru and all the members for their continued support.
Imran Asghar
General Practitioner in Manchester
This site is amazing! I can learn from the comfort of my own home and gain CPD for every video watched. Learning has never been so fun. And I cannot say enough how impressed I am with their customer service. Any question is answered immediately and any problem is dealt with quickly and professionally. I wish I had known about this website a long time ago. Thank you Tubules team.
Dr Sunah Mirza
There is so much to be shared on the website, as well as on the study groups themselves. We watch videos, we have group discussions, and we learn together. There's a part of it which is having like-minded people in the same place. All we want to do is learn from each other. And within that there's such a big scope, so I can only say just give it a go. You don't know what you're missing out on.
Dr Amie Patel
The reason I believe in the ethos of Dentinal Tubules is that it's all about sharing knowledge and networking. Not only can you watch videos in your own time, but through the study groups we watch them together. It's about the discussions that follow on from the videos, and the content that's already on Tubules, that we then go on to apply. We discuss, scrutinise and criticise with our peers which helps you become the best practitioner you can be. I would encourage everyone to get involved with study clubs.
Dr Jasneet Gulati
I've recently become a premium member of Dentinal Tubules. I've had access to so many videos. I've learnt so much from the convenience of my own home. I'm looking forward to joining some of their study clubs so I can meet like minded people and share knowledge. I've also been on some of the courses that they've run, which has been the most important part for me so far. I've networked so much. I've met lovely people and I look forward to going on some more courses with them.
Dr Kamal Mistry
Initially, I though Dentinal Tubules was just like people posting their work and a few things like that. I wasn't aware of all the material; all the lectures and help with specific treatments. It was fantastic when I was showed it. I became a premium member not long after. I'm in my VT year and I've noticed a massive improvement since I joined. I've been looking at their videos daily and getting tips. You can just do it with a laptop, which is so much better than going on a course, paying a lot of money, and foregoing your whole weekend. My work has really improved. My composite's taken off. It's so much more satisfying when you can actually build up a tooth. When you see that a patient likes your work, and even crying about it because they love it, it really is satisfying. I do get a lot of gratification out of the job for doing that. I'd really like to thank Dentinal Tubules.
Dr Karl Batorski
General Practitioner
What I feel every time I attend a session of Dentinal Tubules or attend a Directors meeting is that I learn a lot that I want to pass onto my fellow colleagues. That's what is most inspiring for me; gaining knowledge and sharing it. The ethos of Dentinal Tubules is to learn, share, and grow. That's what has inspired me. I want to keep doing it now and forever, as long as I keep doing in dentistry.
Dr Nilesh Deshpande
General Practitioner, UK
Dentistry is one of the professions where it's deceivingly isolated. You're in your own four walls at work and it can become just you, surrounded by just yourself. What I've found being a member of Tubules is that it's like being surrounded by people without ego's - just the willingness to learn and become better.
Dr Nikhil Sethi
General Dental Practitioner , London
Tubules is an educational family. You are never on your own, you have got a huge community of people who have got lots to do, lots to say, lots of experience and lots of expertise.
Dr Vishaal Shah
Clinical Director of Dentality @ Hoddesdon
Dentinal Tubules' value for money is amazing. If you actually spend time to go on to the website and see the actual content you have there, it's phenomenal. Some of the best clinicians in the world talking on such a wide variety of subjects. You won't get anything better anywhere I think.
Dr Harmeet Grewal
General Practitioner, London
I believe in Dentinal Tubules because it's a chance to meet local dentists in the area. Once a month, we meet up and we watch videos on Dentinal Tubules. There's a huge online library with loads of videos available and it's just a great chance to connect and meet other like minded dentists and share and learn together.
Dr Zahra Javed