1001 Questions in Dentistry Q13. How do I (Re)Ignite my passion in dentistry?

By Dhru Shah
Sunday May 19th 2019

Many people consider me to be the most passionate person in dentistry. My passion lies within the Tubules project. There are so many people who mention that the love my passion. When I talk or do interviews, the most common feedback I get is that they can see the passion in my eyes. Infact, of the 10 years that i have been the CEO of Tubules, for the first 7 years I was a one-man band (doing the job of 38 people), with no real pay and hardly any sleep (I got 2 hours a night!). I was investing a huge amount of my earnings and time into it while sacrificing everything else. I barely got time with my family. Yet I continued. Even when it seemed like I would fail I continued.

There were big questions I asked myself recently, which included many of the following:

  • Why do I do this even in the face of such obstacles?
  • Why do I do this when there are people who don't appreciate the effort?
  • Why do I do what I do even when my health and finance can be at risk?
  • A deeper question of why is it that there are some people who are ardent Tubules supporters and will follow us , support us and remain paid Tubulites?
  • Why is it that the team continue to believe in the vision?

The answer lay in the vision and the passion to drive this. A passion to build something beyond ourselves, a passion to create something that is deeper than just CPD. A passion to help people through education, to inspire people through education and to connect like-minded passionate people. It was all about motivating them together. #Help #Inspire #Connect

Tubules is an organisation, that is building a community of passionate professionals - people who are so passionate about what they do - that they can do it in the face of any obstacle , in the face of all challenges - because they see something beyond themselves, they see something greater than the individual and because they too believe in a vision. Ultimately a group of passionate people, will unite better, be stronger and work for each other. 

After all isn't that what I did for Tubules?

What makes you passionate? What drives your passion? Let us know below. What will you do to achieve your vision?

Next time, we talk about the picture slide of this blog. The characteristics of the passionate individuals

Passionate people invest time in a lot of areas. Education and community are just two of them and Tubules has both of these. Has Tubules helped you ignite your passion? Then do kindly share your story below?

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Don't wait . Come along and (Re)Ignite Your Passion

In the meanwhile, don't forget to tell us below about What makes you passionate? What drives your passion? Let us know below. What will you do to achieve your vision?

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An anonymous user shared this with us:

"Just an email to say thankyou for setting up tubules and all your advice for me etc.
The past 2 years to be honest I have struggled in dentistry.
Had some moments where I was hating it and was not engaged at work. I felt lost and disinspired.
Felt lack of motivation and had moments of thinking of a career change ! I took time off and was super stressed.

Then I found tubules and you !
My inspiratiom reignited and joining a study club really is fun and love it.

My passion for dentistry is back.

I changed my job ( partly through a wake up call ) and now im in a job 
Where I can improve my talents and further courses to develop.

I have been stuck in a rut doing same things for long long time due to fears that I cannot do more.

Your talk on fear helped me realise we only get one life make the most of it !
Lot of time my work stresses filter into my free time so I don't enjoy either. 
I am slowly changing that thanks to tubules.

I feel the next part of my career even though its late in my life , still time to change and make most of it.

Thankyou for everything.
I was confused and burnt out but now I feel slowly alive again. My work and life balance is coming to a better way now of living .

Sorry to rant on but you and tubules has made such a difference.

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