1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 1. How do you solve periodontal problems within the NHS?

By Dr Imran Asghar
Wednesday December 12th 2018

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Dr Imran Asghar is a general dentist in Manchester, who asked a very important question. He was having some challenges in dealing with his periodontal patients. Are you facing the same challenge as him? Listen to what Imran has to say.

Well Imran, here are some really good videos that can help. 

The first one is this amazing new video by Dr Shazad Saleem - who was instrumental in developing the Healthy Gums Do Matter Toolkit. Click here to see the full video or see the preview below.

Even more important is the medicolegal aspect. Shazad Saleem in his full lecture explains it wonderfully well. However Ian Dunn was instrumental in giving a lecture entitled "How to avoid litigation in General Dental Practice". This was the joint most-watched video in 2018. Check it out here

Or see the preview below

And if you really want to know more about managing periodontics in practice, Dhru Shah provided some really awesome tips here when he gave his periodontal update for the general practitioner and some tips for the hygiene team. 

See his preview below

We hope that these three videos help you to answer your question Imran.

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