1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 10. How do we assess the tolerance of elderly patients?

By Saranga Yapa
Friday February 15th 2019

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In this question, fellow Tubulite, Dr Saranga Yapa asks - how do we assess the tolerance of elderly patients and whether to maintain the status quo or carry our restorative work and/or new dentures for these patients?

Here is the question

Thank you for your question Dr Saranga Yapa.  This is a very interesting subject.

There are two very good lectures on DentinalTubules that will help you understand this more. These lectures were provided by Dr Regina Meriscke-Stern and filmed from the BSRD conference in 2014. 

The first one provides information of managing the failing dentition in the elderly patient. You can view that lecture by clicking here

This lecture covers all these aims and objectives:

Aims and Objectives

  • Understand the choices for treatment and what would influence the treatment decisions for the clinicians.
  • Understand the impact, benefits and risks of retaining teeth on the long-term health and social impact for the elderly patient.
  • Understanding ecological changes in the mouths of elderly patients
  • Understand and view clinical case examples for management of the failing dentition in the elderly patient

Infact, here is a preview for you to watch

There is also another lecture by the same speaker, that covers the topic of the current management of the edentulous patient, where Dr Meriscke-Stern provides an understanding of:

  • Current case selection for edentulous patients and implant retained prosthesis
  • Understanding the provision of which prosthesis and suprastructure
  • Long-term outcomes, sequelae and complications
  • Demonstration of the above with clinical cases

You can view the preview below or you can view the FULL lecture by clicking here

Dr Saranga Yapa, you may also find the lectures on complete dentures useful and the 1001 questions related to this can be found at https://www.dentinaltubules.com/blog/1001-questions-in-dentistry-questio...

I hope we have helped you answer your question


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