1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 11. What constitutes valid consent?

By Dr Andy Gibson
Thursday February 28th 2019

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In this question, fellow Tubules Dr Andy Gibson, asks about what constitutes valid consent in this day and age of dentistry.

Here is the question

Thank you for your question Dr Andy Gibson.

Dr Simon Thackeray and Dr Victoria Holden have done an awesome series of lectures on Negligence, Consent and Duty of Candour. This is available in 3 parts on Tubules. Infact this was done by example of case scenarios, which will be presented to you in the lectures.

Part 1 is Negligence and can be viewed by clicking here

Part 2 is Duty of Candour and can be viewed by clicking here

Part 3 is related to your question about consent and can be viewed by clicking here

Here is a brief preview of the consent part of the lecture . I hope you find it useful

We hope that this helps answer your question


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