1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 12. How do I conservatively manage cases of tooth surface loss

By Dhru Shah
Monday May 6th 2019

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In this question, Dr Dhru Shah asked about how to manage toothwear cases conservatively

Dr Didier Dietschi will be conducting a TubulesLive on thr 09th May 2019 to answer this specific question by showing the management with example cases. This TubulesLive will be beamed exclusively to study clubs hosting it around the UK and Worldwide. The case examples are seen here



Do you have to watch from a club?
Thanks, Sandra


Yes..the livestream is exclusive to study clubs. Where are you based Sandra ?


How do I set up a Surrey Club ? Thanks


Dear Shahista. Our team have now contacted you and you should receive updates on how to do this

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