1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 2. How do you measure soft tissue before, during and after implant surgery

By Dr Raid Ali
Tuesday January 1st 2019

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In this question, of our 1001 Questions of Dentistry series, Dr Raid Ali asks how do we measure tissue thickness in all stages of implant surgery . Here is his question

So Dr Raid Ali. Here are two really good playlists that can help.

In the first one, Dr Tomas Linckevicious discusses the zero bone loss concepts. He discusses soft tissue as an important aspect of this and provides tips on how you can alter the vertical soft tissue thickness. 

This series of lectures is very important for all who do implant work. Here is a preview for you to see Dr Linckevicious work

If you want to see  the entire lecture series from Dr Tomas Linckevicious, click here and view it

Another really good series on how to manage soft tissues around implants was given by Dr Howie Gluckman. The entire 5 part series discusses the various aspects of soft tissue aspects around implants. This is a really good series and can be seen by clicking here

Here is a preview of the enthusiastic and exceptional teacher that is Dr Howie Gluckman. Here is a short preview of his hands on

We hope that these three videos help you to answer your question Imran.

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