1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 4. What restoration to choose when there is a heavily broken down tooth?

By Mohammed Sharjeel Mansoor
Friday January 4th 2019

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In this question, fellow Tubulite Dr Mohammed Sharjeel Mansoor asks a very perinent and important question. How do you decide which restoration, which preparation to choose in badly broken down teeth. Here is the question

Thank you for question Mohammed.  Dr Mahul Patel has done an immense job of trying to answer this question with his videos and his course.
His 2 day PREParation_EVOLution course is hands on and covers all this in immense details.
Check out the details by clicking here

In addition to this awesome course, Dr Mahul Patel  has done a few useful videos for dentinaltubules

The first is a 3-part series about decision making in restoring the posterior dentition. He goes through a very nice workflow on how you decide which restoration to use. Here is a preview

If you want to view this entire lecture, click here for Part 1 . For Part 2 click here and for Part 3 click here

More importantly, he also did another series of videos entitled Cuspal Coverage Restorations for the compromised dentitions

Check out the preview below

If you want to view this entire lecture series for that topic, click here for Part 1 and click here for Part 2


Dr Mahul Patel has also done videos showing step by step how to do certain preparations. For example a practical demonstration of an onlay gold preparation of a premolar . Here is a preview

If you really wish to know in depth knowledge, then book Dr Patel's  course . Check out the details at https://www.dentinaltubules.com/blog/dr-mahul-patel-2-days-preparationev...

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In addition to Dr Mahul Patel's videos and courses, Dr Basil Mizrahi has done a really good lecture on how to select the correct restoration. In modern day dentistry, we face a crossroads when deciding how to restore a tooth. Should we rely on resin bonding or mechanical resistance form and precision?
His lecture will discuss various scenarios, indications and contra-indications for different restorations and materials including all-ceramic crowns, PFM crowns, tooth coloured onlays, gold onlays, Monolithic Zirconia amongst others.
His lecture is amazing to answer your questions. Click here to view the complete lecture

Through his teaching organisation, Mizrahi Teaching, Dr Basil Mizrahi runs some amazing long day courses too.

In the meanwhile, here is a preview of his video


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