1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 5. How should I choose which course to do in 2019?

By Dhru Shah
Saturday January 5th 2019

Dentinaltubules is the most HELPFUL dental community in the world. We create videos (TubulesTalks), TubulesLive, study clubs, courses and congresses to HELP you with the knowledge to answer your questions

In this question, I post about it myself. Everytime I get so many people asking what they should choose as a course and how will they know if it is a good course or not?

Below is the question. So let us have a discussion on some steps you should use to choose the right courses but first here is the question....

To answer this, let me revert you to this new article : the GDC releasing the results of their review of the CPD literature. Click here to view the article. Decisions on CPD are best made when you can idenfity your learning needs. You really need to do a good assessment of your learning needs and your gaps in your skill and knowledge. Here check this video below, which is part of the Tubules Intelligent PDP series and focuses on learning needs

Additionally, I have done a video about how to choose the right course. Here it is....

Finally let's look at some of the courses, study club and more that we have put up in 2019

Hands on courses (Tubulites get discounts on these)

1. Dr Mahul Patel. 2 Day PREParation_EVOlution . A super 2 day course that we have been running for 3 years now. Hands on preps. Full details can be found by clicking here

2. Dr Harmeet Grewal. 1 day hands on rubber dam course. This is an awesome one day course where delegates actually place rubber dam on each other. Full details can be found by clicking here

3. Dr Didier Dietschi. 3 days Conservative Rehabilitation of Tooth wear course. This will be a one off in the UK. Full details can be found by clicking here

If you are a business owner or practice owner, the dental business club course will be very useful

4. Better Business, Better Management, Better Leadership will include top speakers. Details can be found by clicking here.  4 SPACES LEFT

Study Clubs

Every Tubulite gets study clubs as part of their membership. Here are this year's study club schedules. Contact your local study club leader for details

  • 17th January Dr. Kushal Gadhia TubulesLive - Understanding and recording centric relation (hands-on) 
  • 21st February Dr. Mahul Patel TubulesLive - Prep_Evo and case discussions 
  • 13th March Dr. Ian Dunn TubulesLive - Managing periodontitis in practice - and how to use the new classificaion system
  • April - Each study club has organised their own speaker on specific dates
  • 9th  May Dr. Didier Dietschi TubulesLive - Interactive discussion on the management of tooth surface loss
  • June and July will feature hands on Surgical Roadshows with dates to be confirmed


  • September - Each study club has organised their own speaker on specific dates

Congress 2019

The DentinalTubules 3rd Annual Congress will be held on 3rd and 4th October 2019. Watch out for details

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I should also add Dentinaltubules has created a free OPEN ACCESS to all spreadsheet to list all the courses on runs - add any of your courses on that at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ekAyh0OqwLVNlmFBxyxzVunra_QFOj_5...

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