1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 6. How can I overcome difficulties with Rubber Dam Placement?

By Jyoti Sharma
Monday January 14th 2019

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In this question, In this question, fellow Tubulite Dr Jyoti Sharma asks a question about certain challenges she has faced in placement of Rubber Dam.

Here is the question


Thank you for the question Dr Jyoti Sharma. There are various videos on DentinalTubules that will help you through this and Dr Harmeet Grewal also runs a regular hands on course where you place rubber dam on each other. This is a phenomenal hands on course - you can see the details by clicking here 

Alternatively, a few of these videos will be very useful. 

This first one is from Dr Harmeet Grewal himself about the different components of rubber dam.

Another really good video on Rubber Dam is part of the microscope and composites series by Dr Allesandro Conti. His video on rubber dam is Part 5 and can be seen by clicking here. Dr Conti provides some really good tips to answer your challenges. 
Infact here is a preview of Dr Conti's video . Have a look

Dr James Baker did a really good lecture at the Tubules Congress in 2017 and one of the main parts about that was Rubber Dam and isolation. This lecture can be viewed by clicking here

Below is a preview of the lecture

and finally, here is a short video from Dr David Gerdolle that you can view. He provided a great talk on isolation when cementing restorations, which you can view by clicking here

But before that check out his short rubber dam video 

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Great series of videos to cover this topic

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