1001 Questions in Dentistry - Question 8. Any tips on impressions for severely resorbed mandibular ridges

By Dr Kasim Butt
Wednesday January 16th 2019

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In this question, fellow Tubulite Dr Kasim Butt asks about impression techniques and tips for severely resorbed mandibular ridges. 

Here is the question

Thank you for the question Dr Butt.  Dentinaltubules has some really good videos about this. Dr Andrew Shelley is doing an excellent series on complete dentures and providing practical tips on how to go about this step by step. In one of his videos, he talks about some really good tips for lower denture impressions. Check the full video out by clicking here.

He also did an upper impressions video, which received amazing positive reviews. This can be seen by clicking here

Check out a preview of the video from Dr Shelley

Infact , there was also a really good and inspirational lecture by Dr Finlay Sutton at the Inaugural DentinalTubules Congress 2017 where he gave the 7 top tips on good complete dentures. This entire lecture can be viewed by clicking here

In the meanwhile, here is a preview

I hope these are of help. Also how the option of digital impressions and the digital denture creation. Dr Charles Goodacre provided some very good lectures on this topic also.

These can be viewed as follows

We will create some previews for you

We hope this information is helpful in answering your question