Are you Personality 1 - are you Tubulised?

By Dhru Shah
Friday December 7th 2018

Are you finding that you want to be any of the below :

  • enthusiastic about dentistry,
  • look after patients and do the best everyday 
  • learn and educate yourself
  • grow professionally and personally

I call it personality 1.  The description of personality 1 to me is : 

You are genuinely passionate about dentistry, you are always keen to learn, always keen to push yourself, always keen to take your knowledge and your skills to the next level. You like to do great dentistry, both for your own satisfaction and to deliver the highest quality of patient care.

You definitely thrive in connecting with others who think like you, like-minded peers, who continue to encourage and drive you to push yourself AND a group of like minded peers who help and support you when you come across challenging situations and times.

You want to be part of a family of like minded people

Do you feel you are Personality 1 ? Is there anything stopping you from being Personality 1? Do you want to know what the other personality types are?

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