Are you thinking how to get out of dentistry ? Think about how these people overcame that challenge

By Dhru Shah
Tuesday December 4th 2018

As you read through these blogs, I hope you are understanding so much more about our vision, our vision of how Tubules will deliver education to the world and how the sharing of knowledge achieves 2 things:

1. it helps you solve your daily problems

2. it inspires you to be the best that you can be 

Ultimately, here at Tubules, we want to share knowledge with you, to help you...

Are you thinking about quitting dentistry, are you feeling disenchanted with dentistry?

Here is how we can help you - I am hoping you have already read The Story Part 2 and have understood the importance of peer groups and community. If not have a read.

Infact, joining the Tubules community has had an amazing impact on so many Tubulites so today I will share two of those stories with you:

Nilesh Deshpande was a dentist struggling in the NHS for many years. He came from India, did his ORE and was pigeon holed into a corporate. He was totally disenchanted when he joined Tubules, then through education and the Tubules community he became aware of and involved in the Tubules Hampshire study group. Here through his association with Manish Chitnis he eventually he became a study club leader. The knowledge, the videos and more importantly the community of Tubulites inspired him to such a level that he managed to find the strength to move to a new city, to change jobs and to gain the confidence to follow a whole new career pathway.

Then one day as I was sitting at the PanDental Congress, listening to a lecture, I received a WhatsApp message:

‘Hello Dhru, this is M (Nilesh's other half), an out of the blue message to thank you and say we feel very grateful and privileged for Nilesh’s association with you through Dentinal Tubules. You are an immense inspiration to us and we couldn't be grateful enough for introducing us to a world of dentistry we had forgotten existed or to be truthful didn't know existed in England. Our entry into England and being introduced to NHS dentistry really curtailed not just our growth in all dimensions but also our passion for our jobs. And what you are doing in motivating is beyond words. Thank you for your desire to share and spread education.’

The most HELPFUL DENTAL COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD had just Tubulised another person.

There are hundreds of others whom we have connected, helped, inspired and Tubulised.         I leave you with this, a testimonial from Harmeet Grewal who was equally Tubulised…

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