COVID VLogs from users and their experiences

By Multiple
Wednesday March 18th 2020

We created a COVID-19 Information Sharing page (click here) which has questions and answers to some of the COVID related concerns. 

On this page, we are asking Tubulites to submit VLOGs to help others by sharing ideas, knowledge and experiences. 


Leadership from Kevin Rose

First one to share was Kevin Rose. Kevin is a leadership coach. Many practices owners and team leaders have concerns about what to tell staff, how to handle the uncertainty. Kevin provides some good tips on leadership and how to manage this

Digital Communication from Mark Oborn

Communicating with your patients in these times is a challenge. Mark Oborn discusses how you can use digital media to keep the patients reassured and updated

Leadership and Health and Safety. What should we do?

Piotr Leszkiewicz spends moments giving you tips on what to do during this period of uncertaintly especially how to get the team together

Business Planning in this uncertain times

Chris Waith is sharing his knowledge, experience and tips in terms of business planning in these challenging times. Chris owns a busy practice in Manchester and is sharing his concerns and pro active solutions

What are young dentists, associates coping?

Dr Arjun Varma is a practitioner in the midlands. He is talking about his concerns in this situation and how he is coping, adapting esp with the aerosol risk

Leadership and Business Ownership from Simon Thackeray

Simon Thackeray , over 3 videos tells us all about what he faces as a business owner, what he is working on, how he is involving his team and what we should do

Jane Lelean talks about business leadership


Town Hall Dental led by Dr Imran and Practice Manager Rachel are serving their community


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