Dentinaltubules Courses Education Programme 2020

By Dhru Shah
Saturday November 30th 2019

In this blog, are the timetables for all our educational activities for 2020 - clinical courses

Rubber Dam in Practice by Dr Harmeet Grewal.

Dr Harmeet Grewal has now successfully sold out this popular hands on rubber dam course for 2 years running. The course is filled with lectures, hands on on real delegates and great case solving discussions. He unravels all the secrets to making rubber dam placement easy, efficient and optimal. In 2020,  the rubber dam in practice course will be held on 3 dates

01st February 2020 - details view at

18th April 2020  - details at

06th June 2020 - details at


PREParation_EVOlution. Anterior and Posterior Indirect Restorations. 

Do you feel that your crown preparations can be improved? Do you want to learn tips and tricks that you can take back to practice the very next day ? 

Then doing Dr Mahul Patel's anterior and posterior indirect restorations course is your answer. Dr Patel has run this course successfully for the last 4 years with every session getting sold out. The feedback and testimonials have been phenomenal. Places for February and June 2020 have already started going... such is his positive reputation.

In 2020, we will feature dates in February and June .

21st and 22nd February 2020 . For details visit at

12th and 13th June 2020. For details visit


Implants in the aesthetic zone

April 27th and 28th 2020 will host one of our most successful hands on implant courses in the world. This event is held at the Royal London Hospital over 2 days. The course features lectures, hands on surgical and prosthodontic applications AND a demonstration of a live surgery on a patient showcasing all the principles learnt on the course.

For details view at

Managing tooth surface loss - A systematic approach

Dr James Baker who has done various lectures and videos for DentinalTubules presents a whole day course on the management of tooth surface loss. For details view at

From diagnosis, to intervention, to understanding which occlusal scheme to use, to treatment using direct and indirect methods, this extensive one day course lecture will cover this topic in deep deep detail. 

Indirect anterior restorations: a path to daily practice

This course will cover everything from smile designing, creating the wax up , creating the mock up, biomechanical considerations, preparation design, immediate dentine sealing, teeth build up, temporisation solutions, ultimate isolation techniques for cementation, day-to-day protocols for cementation procedures, limits of bonded partial restorations and failures and how to manage these

For those who do cosmetic and aesthetic work, this course will be very useful

Details at


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