Dentinaltubules Dental Business Club Education Programme 2020

By Dhru Shah
Saturday November 30th 2019

In this blog, are the timetables for all our educational activities for 2020  for the dental business club 

January 2020 will bring along a special appraisers day. This will training will teach your practice managers on

  • What is an appraisal and why it is important
  • How to develop their own intelligent Tubules PDP and the nuances of each section
  • How to help staff and teams develop their PDPs and education plans
  • Therefore, how to identify, read and understand someone else's PDP
  • How to thus carry out an appraisal for others using their PDP

At the end of the course, the practice manager will get official Tubules Appraiser Recognition AND the Practice Given a higher level in the Certificate of Excellence in Education

Details will also be released about the DentinalTubules £10,000 Premium Practice Competition launching in February 2020

February 2020 will have exciting courses

1.  Leadership in practice. 
Suitable for practice owners and practice managers as well as any members who lead the team
Speakers will include Simon Gambold, Justin Leigh and Mark Topley
Full details can be found at


June 2020. Motivating your teams through Motivational Leadership to help build your team's passion . This will be run by Dr Dhru Shah.
Full details can be found at

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