DentinalTubules Practice Premium Competition to win £10,000 CASH

By Dhru Shah
Monday December 23rd 2019

DentinalTubules launches the £10,000 cash prize for our premium practice members. The competition will launch on the 19th February at the Dental Business Club. 

If you wish to join the competition:  Sign up to Dentinaltubules Premium Practice Membership (for more information, you can always email Once you have signed up, register by filling in the form below

The rules are simple. It will be a points system. Completion of each task will reward your practice with a points system. 

1. Each month from February to August 2020, Dentinaltubules will release a task to be completed for each practice. In total there will be 6 tasks to complete. Completion of each task will award the practice 30 points. (If a practice joins the competition later than February 2020, they can still proceed to complete the tasks).

2. Attendance at a Dental Business Club event will carry 20 points (for each practice member who attends the business club)

3. A referral for a new practice (who successfully sign up to DentinalTubules Practice Premium membership) will reward both practices with 100 points

The winner will be announced at the IV DentinalTubules annual congress on the 1 and 2 October 2020 


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