Dentistry, Learning and Magic

By Dhru Shah
Monday January 27th 2020

What do you think Magic and Dentistry have in common ?

This year, at every single TubulesLive beamed to study clubs, we will be showcasing a magic trick - prepared very diligently by our very own magician, Kathryn Mills. However it is NOT just a magic trick, it is a trick with dental relevance, created to help you use it in practice for anxious and nervous patients to calm them down and to help them. 

At the end of the TubulesLive - Kathryn will show you how the trick is created so that you can try it, practice it and use it in your daily work

At the last TubulesLive, the magic trick was called Toothpaste. Check it out below... 

Are you curious, how this was done? If you did attend the study club, you will have seen the reveal. If you did not - then our suggestion is not to miss the next trick and reveal

We hope to see you at the next TubulesLive 30th January 2020 at your local study club where you will see the next trick and ofcourse the reveal.

Tubules give you skills that are bigger, better and larger than just clinical - Tubules enables your growth 


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