Dr Harmeet Grewal - 1 day hands on rubber dam course

By Dr Harmeet Grewal
Thursday January 3rd 2019

A one day hands on rubber dam course where delegates place rubber dam LIVE on each other. Practice anterior and posterior rubber dam skills and gain tips on how to do this efficiently, quickly and effectively.

This course is one of the most interactive rubber dam hands on course in the United Kingdom for various reasons including:

  • Delegates practice on each other, thus getting hands on tips and tricks on isolation . 
  • 90% of the time is dedicated to the hands on sessions, with isolation of two posterior and two anterior quadrants
  • 10% of the time is dedicated to an interactive session where Dr Grewal provides real life examples of difficult isolation situations like deep cavities, difficult to access teeth and much more.
  • A delegate pack 

And much more... 

Check out what the delagates have had to say and what has been done on previous courses ... 





In my opinion the best rubber dam course out there, very hands on you will be able to routinely use rubber dam from the first day after taking the course.
Unique experience placing rubber dam on other dentists and having it placed on myself gives you even more confidence to use it on a daily basis.
like I said at the end of the video it is "absolutely brilliant"
don't think it anyone could've done a better job than Harmeet either


Absolutely excellent course. I now feel confident to use and place rubber dam so much more frequently and couldn’t recommend this course more! Harmeet really breaks it down and teaches you hints and tricks for even the hardest teeth to isolate! It’s such a fun, relaxed atmosphere that you don’t even feel like you’re learning! There’s a short lecture followed by loads of practical so you get loads of practice. Completely worth it and Harmeet is a great dentist to learn from!


Highly recommend this hands-on rubber dam course. Harmeet’s simple tips and checklist really simplify rubber dam placement. The course allocates plenty of time for the “hands-on” element, which involves placing rubber dam on each other rather than phantom heads. Harmeet ensures no question is left answered and that each delegate can confidently place rubber dam using different techniques by the end of the course. An excellent course teaching techniques that can be applied in practice easily and immediately.


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This course is a no brainer for anyone wanting to up their rubber dam game! Dentists of all abilities can come and pick up hints and tips to use in everyday practice. Harmeet is an amazing tutor and very approachable, ensuring everyone has a one-to-one experience. Highly recommend this course to any dentist - learning with fun, what else can one want! Put all the skills into practice straight away... I did!


Loved this course. First hands-on (on actual live people in an actual dental chair/surgery) rubber dam course aimed at dentists for the isolations we need. Harmeet is a fantastic teacher; talented, entertaining and highly motivating. We were able to send in questions and problems that we wished to learn about beforehand. Harmeet ensured he addressed each of our queries. Harmeet also came and saw our clinical applications of techniques and helped ensure we were competent. I learnt so many tips and tricks. A course well worth doing!


Excellent course full of practical tips that you can implement into practice straight away.
Harmeet is a top guy and fantastic teacher.
I highly recommend this course

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