Have you ever felt frustrated with dentistry? Have you ever felt you should quit and try an alternative career?

By Dhru Shah
Monday December 3rd 2018
  • In the last blog I wrote about my vision, my vision of how Tubules will deliver education to the world and how the sharing of knowledge achieves 2 things:

1. it can help you solve your daily problems

2. it can inspire you to be the best that you can be 

Here at Tubules we are all about sharing knowledge and helping and inspiring each other. This is why DentinalTubules has always been known as the most helpful dental community in the world.

So how does this relate to today's topic - are you feeling frustrated with dentistry, have you ever felt you should quit and try an alternative career - well give me some time to explain…

Through the years I have spoken with many, many, dental professionals who think that dentistry is now at an all-time low, there is this wrong and there is that wrong…the list of wrongs is long and includes, but is not limited to; threats of litigation, regulation, costs, patient complaints, all of which have encouraged so many people to think they are in the worst profession in the world. There are those who have said they would quit dentistry today if they could and others who say they would never recommend this profession to others - with social media being a big catalyst in this process, for example - one person presents a post of something that is wrong or negative and others comment, adding their own views, often reinforcing the original poster and before you know it this post spirals into a negative thread that can encourage many to feel that our profession is at its worst. 

Dentistry is not alone, today we hear that many professionals, across many professions, are facing similar challenges, so we can either choose to focus on the good things OR we can focus on the negatives, which one do you think would work better for you?

Sadly, it can be shown that, where one’s focus goes, so the energy will flow, hence, if the focus is on the negative, then that’s where the energy will flow...therefore, in order to achieve a positive focus it is suggested you should associate yourself with the right peer group - listen to this podcast where Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince of The Infinite Monkey Cage, host a discussion that reinforces the importance of peer groups. Here they  make the point that 17 year olds in the driver’s seat, on their own, are no greater risk on the road then experienced drivers, however, this dynamic changes when the 17 year old is put in a peer group of other 17 year olds.

The same applies in any group, or any profession, choose your peer group wisely. At Tubules, every single Tubulite shares three important values. They are people who:

  • want to learn and are enthusiastic about learning
  • want to help others through sharing 
  • express all this with humility

We are a community that really engages, helps and inspires others, this is the peer group you should be a part of!

When I started Tubules, I was totally disenchanted with dentistry. I was close to quitting (which is why I ended up starting Tubules). However, through meeting colleagues who were passionate about learning, colleagues who were willing to share their knowledge with me (and, in turn, others through Tubules), and people who genuinely wished to help - my passion for dentistry was reignited. Tubules became the impetus that changed me and if it did that for me, imagine what impact it has had on others.

So, next time you are thinking about quitting the profession due to the challenges - think again, think about where your focus is and think largely about where and which peer group you are linking with.

At Tubules, we are a peer group, a community of people who are helping each other through education - so together we inspire each other, help each other and together we become the MOST HELPFUL DENTAL COMMUNITY IN THE WORLD.

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