How we helped a Tubulite Part 1

By Elaine Mo
Monday December 10th 2018

Working in places with people that you love having alongside you, enjoying your clinical work and constantly feeling inspired to do better..... sounding like a dream much? 

Throwback to 2013-14 when I was working within the nhs a year after finishing my VT year. Things got boring and tedious for me and I honestly felt a bit robotic. Having been taken over by a corporate, things became more tedious. I branched out on courses and really enjoyed meeting other colleagues and aspiring to doing the dentistry I wanted to. But it wasn’t easy....

Having applied and had multiple very short lived jobs in the year and a bit after, I felt disheartened. Was I expecting too much? Is my ethos just impossible? Or maybe I was just simply not good enough.

It was around this time I joined Dentinal tubules. I was a bit late to the game and my only regret was I didn’t join sooner. I made a whole new network of friends and colleagues at different stages in their careers and I couldn’t have felt any more supported with the guidance and help I received. I won’t forget those who went out of their way to help me out of my rut.

I eventually found my ‘happy place’ in dentistry and got my passion and excitement back. My confidence surged and and I was encouraged to do so much more.

Yes tubules is an absolute beast of a library for education but it is more than that. There is a wonderful family ethos around and there is a wealth of support where I never feel let down or judged.

Being a director has helped me grow so much as a person and I am so glad to be able to give back in return for the invaluable help and support I have received.

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Great to know a part of your journey.Well done.

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