Launching something new for the whole dental profession

By Dhru Shah and Zak Kara
Tuesday April 7th 2020

Now is NOT the time for a webinar - that was 2009 . Now is the time for collaborative ways to share and grow together. 

Yesterday's TubulesLiveTogether brought  out some really positive feedback.  One viewer said  -  "That was brilliant Dhru & Zak. The 1st dental people to talk some sense. I hope that the dental masses listen" . If you did not see it, you can see the positive, encouraging commentary and the livestream at

We launched the new TubulesLiveAid dedicated section to help dentistry through these difficult times, which will continue to give you positive voices of encouragement and motivation.

The truth is that for over 10 years at Tubules, we have been bringing dentistry together without bias.  Sometimes we have been misunderstood. Our path was blocked because people thought were self-serving. But our purpose has always been bigger than just US. It has always been about cohesion.

It's for those who selflessly share, and those who inspire each other. It's for those who want to grow, and look out for each other on the way.

Our webinars evolved to live-streaming TubulesLive and our Hands-On Roadshows. Our study clubs have been bristling hubs of activity all over the country. Growing together.

Fast forward to this most recent challenge, sent to test all of our resilience. 

In a storm, we rely on what built us...   In the immediate grief, we created Tubules LiveAid. Advice on "how to cope" and how to heal the wounds.

What next?   Now is our time for bringing dentistry together with the same spirit. 

The profession needs unity, don't you think? 


Yesterday with our first TubulesLiveTogether we launched the NEW dedicated Tubules LiveAid section on our website.

Open-access and FREE for all:

1. Tubules LiveTogether sessions. 
Bundling all of the Tubules spirit into real conversations with real people. Daily. Tubules-minded experts helping to restart our journey ahead.

2. A discussion area to share worries, concerns and selflessly share advice and support.


Sign up today (no card details required for Base Membership), and access the power of Tubules Togetherness.




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