Nearly 10 years in building "the most helpful dental community in the world"

By Dhru Shah
Sunday December 2nd 2018

It has always been my personal vision to HELP people to be their best. 

I always say, ‘I want EDUCATION to the world’, because I believe knowledge can help people. Help them to achieve their goals, help them to solve simple daily tasks and help them to overcome challenges. 

Over the last 9.5 years I have devoted my life to building Tubules because I wanted to create a vehicle, an entity, an organisation that has people who help each other with humility and enthusiasm.


I wasn't a big lecturer, or specialist, who could stand on global platforms and use these to build Tubules. I didn't have that advantage. I was a simple young specialist, one who is still mastering his trade, with a lot to learn. None of those easy opportunities stood with me but I was resourceful, perseverant and honest. I stuck to my values and I stuck to my guns. I spoke with people who I felt would fit into the Tubules ethos, I convinced speakers to come on board and encouraged dentists to join the project. 

I didn't have contacts who I could call at the touch of a button, I had to contact experts, specialists and others. I had to think like an entrepreneur, like a business minded person, like a periodontist and like an educationalist all at the same time. I had to think like a manager, a leader and a guide. 

Today, on Tubules, we have over 1600 lectures from 300 top clinicians, researchers and educators from around the world all sharing their knowledge. 

We have over 70 study clubs in UK, India, Singapore, Kenya and growing…and do you know what... 

We may not be the biggest education portal in the world, but we sure as hell are the most helpful and most inspiring. We are helping people daily. Through the knowledge we share, the community we have built and the study clubs we have.

Tens of thousands of people are being helped…

People who had considered quitting the profession are using education and our community, to fall back in love with and reignite their passion for dentistry, people who had lost faith are regaining a new found enthusiasm and moving to even greater levels. 

With the greatest of pride, I can say that has risen from the ashes...9.5 years ago I was a nobody and 9.5 years on I am a true leader of the Tubules project. My dental work (periodontics) is still in its early days but my work in helping build the most helpful dental community in the world is bigger than that. I am extremely proud of the people coming onto tubules to help, to be helped and to inspire and to be inspired ... That is something I am grateful for everyday.

Ladies and gentlemen, today I would like to say, I am just so grateful to have had the chance to bring to you...possibly...the most helpful (dental) community in the world. 

And I am grateful that we are helping so many of you

Thank you to all – to my team, our study club directors, our educators and most of all – you, our TUBULITES 


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