So you want to quit dentistry? Part 3. How to change that mindset or to grow your passion for dentistry.

By Dhru Shah
Monday July 29th 2019

Do you want to be a compliant individual or be a passionate individual?

Do you want to build a compliant team or a passionate team around you?

Let's first look at the compliant individual or team

Occasionally we get people coming to Dentinaltubules asking us why we are expensive compared to other CPD providers. Our immediate response to them is quite simple - are you looking for a compliance tick-box CPD provider, or are you looking for a high quality personal and professional growth company that includes high-quality CPD and high-quality education as just one aspect of the overall proposition? Is it a cost-based solution or a value-based solution that you are looking for?

Similarly, we get people informing us that they do not get the value from Tubules that they get from other providers. When we ask them about the value, the reasons are clear enough to know that they are not looking for solutions to enhance and enrich their personal growth, but they are looking for tick box CPD to meet the compliance requirements or simply ad hoc education to increase knowledge. (At this point, I will add that CPD and knowledge are important but they are just two pieces in a much much bigger puzzle and this is elaborated further below). 

This is further reiterated and seen in the differences in our practice memberships too. We approach and visit many many practices annually. Some of them think we are 'expensive' while others are practices that we decline to take on.  The main reason is that we see them wanting a 'compliance' solution as opposed to a solution that will motivate them and their team. Team growth requires a whole different viewpoint over and above CPD and education.  This is further reflected in many of the bigger corporates in UK Dentistry - who simply choose CPD providers (or build their own portals) with the simple view to be compliant. 

I will stick my head out and say that it is the above kinds of mindset that are hugely responsible for the situation dentistry, unfortunately, finds itself in today. It is not just education, but the entire proposition of investing in personal, team and professional growth has been devalued. If the individuals, the practices and the corporates are not investing in personal, professional and team growth through passion, then how will patients value what we do? If the individuals, the practices and the corporates are not investing in personal, professional and team growth through passion, then how will the regulators value what we do? In fact, if we continue to simply follow compliance rather than growth, how will we as a profession excel?

Now let us look at the other side.... the Passionate individual or team

On the other hand, Tubulites who have fully immersed themselves in the Tubules ecosystem cannot believe why our membership is so cheap. In fact, on more frequent occasions then I care to remember, we have been informed that our membership fee should be way in excess of £750 per annum for the individual membership. These are dentists who have a mindset to motivate themselves, to grow and to thrive. They are passionate about what they do.

In the same way, there are over 250 practices in the UK now using Tubules for their practice membership. They understand the value. They have been using Tubules for a long time for their team and for their own development. They find the value Tubules delivers to be beyond their expectations. These are practice owners and corporates who value their team's entire personal and professional development over and above just CPD. They are interested in Igniting the Passion in their team. 

So why this dichotomy of thoughts of the two groups

This complete difference in viewpoints comes from more than CPD and in fact, comes from even more than just education - and THAT is where the difference lies. Growth, development and improvement come from having the right mindset, the right values, the right intent, environments and emotions. Dentinaltubules is more than CPD, more than just education - Dentinaltubules is your pathway to motivate (yourself and your team), to grow and thrive together.  These are the key elements you need to (Re)Ignite your passion and to be inspired to have a fulfilling career.

I will also reiterate, that it is when you are in this process of motivate, grow and thrive - that you will find the right opportunities and the mindset to be able to face the challenges that come in dentistry with gusto, energy and positivity. Ultimately, Dentinaltubules gets you going in this direction. 

It is quite simple - if you want to have that kind of mindset, be on that kind of growth curve and be passionate about what you do, for your own and your team's personal and professional growth, then you do need all the ingredients of the passion mindset. This was highlighted in Parts 1 and 2 of this series. (If you have not read those, Part 1 can be read by clicking here and Part 2 by clicking here).

The passion mindset encompasses all this:

  • Purpose - Values and motivational goals
  • Intent (Mindset)  - Education, community and leadership
  • Identity
  • Environment
  • High intensity - flow and emotions

You need to NOT just get an online CPD provider to tick your boxes, you do NOT need just a high-quality education provider to give you high-quality content but in order to motivate, grow and thrive you need to really invest more and commit more in various aspects.  

You need to be surrounded by the right community and network (I spoke about this in the first blog), you need to be able to attend the right courses (not just all courses that colleagues are attending) and you need to be pursuing the right education. In order to do this, you first need to have the right mindset and the right plan (and goals). Without the right plan and without the right mindset, you could invest thousands of pounds in education and get no real tangible outcome. Similarly, even with the right plan and investment in courses, you will NOT get a tangible outcome unless you develop the right mindset and surround yourself with the right community, 

All the above aspects need to be at the optimal if you want to motivate yourself, grow and thrive.

And Dentinaltubules offers all the elements of this within its membership.

It's not just CPD, it is definitely not just education, it is a company built to provide you with all the ingredients to help you be motivated, grow and thrive - to help you ReIgnite your passion and to ensure that you have a fulfilling career.

I will finish again with the same brief story of a young associate, who was pretty much done and dusted with dentistry. He had been through mental stress, through hard times and would have quit. He took one last shot and joined Dentinaltubules. It was not the online platform, but his commitment to attend study clubs that provided him with the opportunity to find a job in the right practice under the right mentors. This environment, this connection and these mentors helped him change his mindset and helped him rediscover his values. It was only after this that he started investing time and energy on the online lectures that further enhanced and fuelled his growth. The courses then made more sense and added more value to his growth. He has in his own right now become a study club leader. Not only did Dentinaltubules change his motivation, not only did Dentinaltubules change his mindset but Dentinaltubules helped him grow and thrive. He is now wholly Tubulised!

Now imagine if that could happen to you? Would you consider that expensive? Not if you are looking for more than CPD, more than education - not at all expensive if you are looking for the ability to grow into a thriving, fulfilling career.  In order to achieve that level of growth and the ability to thrive, you need ALL the ingredients and no one else has them at such amazing value.

See this curve below, where do you sit in the curve?  Would you prefer to be on the right side of the curve and thriving or on the left side and surviving? The choice is yours.....

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