So you want to quit dentistry? Part 4. How about this for some motivation, inspiration, mindset and passion energy instead.

By Dhru Shah
Wednesday August 28th 2019

Dentinaltubules has always been about more than education. We created this portal, this community and this entire project to (Re)Ignite the passion for dentistry in those who have lost it or struggled with it. The blog posts certainly hit a nerve - as it brought out from the woodwork so many different types of people who connected with me through this website, through social media and emails. 

There were people who have genuinely lost passion for dentistry and do not know what to do. There were others who practice dentistry against their will with the fear of patient complaints, the fear of legal aspects and the fear of so many other items. And yet again, as the continued theme has shown, there were people who were absolutely passionate and loved dentistry. 

However there was one group of people I got to connect with, who were very unique. This was a group of people who had lost their passion for dentistry through some personal trauma, and had recovered from it to not only discover their passion and thrive but help others in the process too. This resonated with me so well. Over the last 12 months I have been reading, learning and improving my knowledge on the psychology of motivation and passion. The stories from these people, not only resonated with me (and my learnings), but inspired me too. Infact I decided that perhaps sharing their experiences, stories and concept to the wider profession will be so useful. They were all dentists. 

Hence we decided to create a dentistry first  -  a Mindset, Motivation, Inspiration and Passion day. Six great speakers (and a surprise unannounced 7th speaker too) - all working together to deliver amazing talks for dentists by dentists. 

Have you lost your passion for dentistry? Have you felt scared, anxious, or have an inherent fear of being complained against? Have you been through difficult periods? Do you feel that dentistry is something you cannot leave? Are you passionate about dentistry? Do you want to motivate yourself, do you want to grow and do you want to thrive in dentistry? In fact, do you just want to thrive in life and live in a high state of positive existence?
Then this day is for you. Check out the flyer and the booking link below


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