The world's first every TubulesLive Simultaneous Hands-On session attracts over 150 dentists

By Dhru Shah
Sunday January 20th 2019

History was created on the 17th January 2019, when the first ever TubulesLive practical session was delivered to study clubs across the United Kingdom.

Dr Kushal Gadhia (consultant in restorative dentistry at the Eastman Dental and North London DentinalTubules Study Club Director) delivered a TubulesLive on Centric Relation and how to make a Lucia Jig. He provided a step by step guide to over 150 dentists who were watching from their respective study clubs and practically fabricating their own lucia jigs. 

This a breakthrough in blended learning innovation as a procedure being demonstrated and delivered online to over 150 people, and has never been done before in UK dentistry

Dentinaltubules thanks Dr Kushal Gadhia,the study club directors and Tubulites who actively participated in this activity - and helped continue to help us revolutionalise education and teaching

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If you are a Tubulite and not part of a study club - it is FREE as part of your membership. Would you like to join one?

Enjoy the slideshow below



This was awesome! Looking forward to the next one


Very useful to combine the livestream and hands on. Excellent

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