TubulesLiveAid Day 1. Monday 23rd March 2020

By Kevin Rose, David Horne, Jane Lelean, Barry Oulton, Zak Kara, Dhru Shah
Sunday March 22nd 2020

Today's TubulesLive Aid features

Chapter 1. Kevin Rose helping you with the business and finance challenges you are going to face

Chapter 2. David Horne interpreting the financial annoucnements from the Chancellor on Friday

Chapter 3. Jane Lelean on leadership in these difficult times

Chapter 4. Barry Oulton on your mindset

Chapter 5. Zak Kara on downtime and being the linchpin of your team

Chapter 6. Dhru Shah on Growth Leadership

Everyday released at 10.30 am and available through the day....to enable you through these challenging times ahead



How about self employed private dentists .Expected to treat emergencies but no effective income ?


Hi Andrew. Kevin is watching closely and will provide an update as soon as we have one


Zac Kara, I found your part completely inspiring and absorbing - thank you!

Thanks to all the speakers for their time, especially to Dhru and Zak!

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