What made someone say this?

By Dhru Shah
Friday May 24th 2019

This was an email we randomly received, when one of our members heard my talk on fear. 

This person was not looking for CPD . They were looking for inspiration. They joined Tubules and in 2 years, their passion has reignited. 

Look at some of the keywords in that testimonial which include "inspiration" , "passion" "reignited" etc

This is what we are about. We gave this person , the ability to embrace all the characteristics of passion by enabling them to get onto the passion pathway.

Questions are  has Tubules ignited your passion? Where  are you on the pathway? What characteristics are you missing? 

And more importantly - do yuo know anyone else who needs to ReIngite their passion for a healhtier and happier life?

Then it is time to get everyone Tubulised

To know the pathways check out the other blog at https://www.dentinaltubules.com/blog/1001-questions-in-dentistry-q13-how...

Or to know about the characteristics of passion - check out the blog at https://www.dentinaltubules.com/blog/1001-questions-in-dentistry-q13-how...

On the 16th of November 2019, DentinalTubules will hold the first Motivation, Inspiration, Mindset and Passion day . If you want to join us, type yes below to receive more details

Let's ReIgnite Your Passion 


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