Where do you or your team sit in this pathway? How important is passion?

By Dhru Shah
Tuesday May 21st 2019

When you look at the Gallup employee engagement poll identifying workforce engagement, it is sad to see that less than 15% of the workforce globally are engaged. Well over 85% are either disengaged or actively disengaged. This means that many people simply come to work as a job (or even worse, they can become a negative force to their team). Can you imagine what impact this sort of mindset can have on the business? More importantly, can you imagine what impact this can have on the customers, users and eventually other humans?

What are the reasons that this may happen? It has often been pointed out that the opportunities for growth and development are stifled within certain environments. However even if opportunities for growth were created, do you think everyone would take those opportunities and develop their passion?

Passion is more than an opportunity to grow. Passion involves each individual discovering their values, their goals, the motivational factors, the intent to commit and sacrifice in various field, and finding the right environments. Passion involves a kind of intensity and emotion that enables flow.

And passionate people - well - they INSPIRE others, they find creative solutions to some of the most complex problems and passionate people do things for more than just financial gain! They are the real problem solvers.

At Tubules, we do more than just educate. At Tubules, when we offer our team memberships and individual memberships, we are not giving them simple CPD. We definitely do more than just provide CPD (if you want tick box CPD you are always welcome to gain it from Tubules but chances are you feel find it cheaper elsewhere). At Tubules we actually help (Re)Ignite your passion.

We have the pathway to take you and your team from being anywhere on the left of that curve (disinterested or frustrated) to the right (passionate and engaged). We give you the tools needed for each stage so that you and your team can get to that passionate stage.

When you do, you and your team will work with passion - you will enjoy what you do, you will be immersed in it and you will find a whole new intensity and energy.


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