Where do you sit on this curve? What's your number?

By Dhru Shah
Sunday September 15th 2019

Where do you sit on this curve? Give us your number in the comments section below

If you are on the left side of the curve (number 1, 2 , 3 or 4) and want to move to the right side OR

If you are already at number 6 or 7 - and want to continue to enjoy that ....

Dentinaltubules will continue to keep your passion alive.

In 2019 - two more events to ensure that we motivate you, we help your grow and thrive to (re)ignite your passion. 

For everyone - whether you sit on the left side or the right side - we have two amazing events for you

1. The Mindset, motivation, passion and inspiration day. Such a day has never been done in dentistry before. It will focus fully on mindset, how to have a mindset to face the challenges and frustrations in dentistry, how to build thinking that will surpass challenging patient experiences and how to have the mindset to build a great practising life that you enjoy .   Check out the details at https://www.dentinaltubules.com/blog/so-you-want-to-quit-dentistry-part-...

2. The Dentinaltubules Annual Congress is always packed with passion, power, energy and high quality education. With only 2 weeks to go, you can get the last few tickets. Check it out at https://www.dentinaltubules.com/congress and book yourself onto the last remaining spaces. 

Dentinaltubules is all about helping you find your passion, - to motivate you, to help you grow to become better versions of yourselves and to help you thrive . Knowing your position on the curve will help you decide where you wish to go next and do reply to us if you want more information on how to move to the right side

We look forward to helping you by motivating you, helping you grow and thrive to ReIgnite your passion





I think i am on 6


6 trying to be a 7.

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