Win a prize to attend 2 course worth £340 every week

By Dhru Shah
Monday December 23rd 2019

Weekly from January 2020 – a winner will be ‘picked from the hat’ and awarded:

2 day courses worth a total of £340

4th June

Dr James Baker: The management of tooth surface loss (a systematic approach from diagnosis, to planning to execution)


5th June

Dr Davide Gerdolle: Anterior restorations (smile design planning to diagnosis to selection of restorations to prep to restoration)

How do you win?

Every time you go to a Tubules event (study club, course or planned practice meeting) scan the QR code to automatically generate your feedback and reflections form and generate your enhanced CPD certificate.

If you are at a non-Tubules event, ask the event provider to contact us, we can then provide them the QR code which you can use.

The QR code will automatically scan your CPD, print your certificate and populate your iPDP for that activity, no more paper certificates!

Simply use the QR code on your Tubules mobile account, one lucky winner using the QR code will be picked each week, will you be a lucky Tubules winner?

All prizes will be non-transferrable




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