Dr John Besford

President of the Besford Study Club

John Besford, who will talk about his own mentors, is known for a career-long (49 years) interest in removable prosthodontics: in patient-led treatment planning, in helping patients keep their natural teeth (better than implants), in encouraging dentists to anticipate long-term consequences before each extraction and, where it is too late for that, making any well-functioning replacement teeth and gums look real enough to deceive dental professionals. In this way he hoped, and often succeeded, in restoring patients' confidence and self-respect, and preserving their 'prosthodontic privacy'. Practice as a referral Specialist in Prosthodontics brought John mainly more difficult cases, allowing him to develop ways of avoiding, preventing and overcoming denture wearers’ problems – a privilege.

With retirement in mind, John spent years looking for a successor to step into his shoes as a leader in this field. On one of his hands-on courses at the Schottlander HQ, he met a man with a similar passion for ‘removables’, Finlay Sutton – his eyes sparkled with interest. That ‘Class of 2010’ decided to form a limited membership Besford Study Club, meeting twice a year, of which Finlay was a founder member.

He and John have continued their productive association ever since, lecturing and publishing together.