Biological Bone Augmentation: What are the basics, where are the limits?

By Dr Frank Zastrow
20 February 2020 at 7:00pm GMT
Norwich Study Club
7 places available

Dr Frank Zastrow

Specialist oral surgeon and an exclusive expert in implantology, as well as in hard and soft

tissue management


• Give insight into the concept of Biological Bone Augmentation (BBA) with pure

autogenous bone and tissue.

• Discuss clear guidelines for the use of autogenous bone harvesting and

augmentation techniques in order to achieve predictable results from predictable


To include:

o The Khoury technique (cover the concepts and limitations)

o Lateral augmentation and advanced soft tissue management

o Atrophied edentulous maxilla (surgical and prosthetic concepts)

o Complications of surgery, pre and post operatively

o External sinus grafting and the layering technique

o Peri-implantitis treatment

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes:
• The symbiosis of hard and soft tissue management
• How to prevent complications in association with sinus grafting
• Diagnosis and reliable backward planning in compromised cases
• Complications of treatment pre- intra, and post-operatively
• How to harvest bone intraorally
• How to deal with vertical defects

Location address
Norfolk Endodontics 65 St Augustine Steer Norwich NR3 3BG