Comprehensive Dentistry: Think, Communicate and Systematise your way to the patient base you Deserve - Zak Kara

26 September 2019 at 6:45pm BST
Nottingham Study Club
5 places available

TO unravel to complexities off our day to day lives in dentistry and rethink the whole puzzle.

Learning outcomes

Become one of those people whose team instinctively trusts them, and who has loyalty where-ever they go
Understand what lynchpins do vs. 'ordinary' team members. How can you empower change and 'lead from the bottom'?
Identify the key points of your patient journey which can be improved, choreography with your team, co-discovery to diagnose and treatment plan.
Communication tips and analogies which people connect with
How do we pre-mortemn and which bits can be systematised without feeling scripted?
Understanding what clinically comprehensivve is and how Global Diagnosis is what Tubulites do.

Location address
4-6 Rufford Avenue Mansfield Nottinghamshire