Current trends and techniques for predictable(Vital and Non Vital) tooth whitening - An Interactive Session

12 February 2020 at 6:00pm GMT
Nairobi Study Club
7 places available

Group discussion re: thoughts on tooth whitening as part of a comprehensive oral care regime 

Group interaction on how do we deliver (pain free) tooth whitening (vital and non vital techniques) 

Focus on products used (and in what concentrations) especially for non vital techniques. 

How can the the nature of the discolouration (yellow, brown, grey, black etc) guide us towards the right treatment?

Group discussion - how do we market these procedures - purely cosmetic or cosmetic&functional?

Learning outcomes

1) Different types of tooth discolouration.
2) Explore treatment options available to manage non-vital discolouration.
3) Consent for whitening
4) Focus on non-vital tooth whitening.
5) Explore the different treatment techniques (pros/cons).
7) Marketing, awareness of any regulations.

Location address
Mambo Italia, Rivaan Centre, Muguga Green, Westlands, Nairobi