A team orthodontics. Expansion
25 November 2021 at 7:30pm GMT

Dr Martina Hodgson

Dr Martina Hodgson will cover the aetiology and diagnosis related to the narrow arch. She will tell you when to expand, and when to consider tipping vs when to consider bodily expansion. She will drop in some tips for the clincheck planning and then tell you about the risks and pitfalls to avoid. Finally she will cover a bit more on retention too. So there is a lot here to expand your knowledge on expansion.

This is part of the 5 part series by the A team on topics related to Aligners

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Part 2. Retention in orthodontics by Dr Angela Auluck. To register click here.

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Part 4. Expansion in aligner therapy by Dr Martina Hodgson. To register click here.

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Today's talks aims, objectives and learning outcomes.


Gain an overview of the role, application and limitations of expansion in orthodontics


- Gain knowledge on when to expand and indications for expansion

- Gain insight into considering tipping vs bodily expantion

- Tips on clincheck planning 

- Risks and pitfalls to avoid in expansion

Learning outcomes

By the end of this talk, the learner will gain knowledge on application of expansion within their aligner therapy


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