A team orthodontics. IPR in Aligner Therapy
26 November 2021 at 7:30pm GMT

Dr Hesham Ali

In this part, we welcome Dr Hesham Ali. He will be talking about interproximal reduction. He will cover the relevance interproximal reduction in practice and then discuss how we implement it in practice.

This is part of the 5 part series by the A team on topics related to Aligners

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Part 5. IPR in aligner therapy by Dr Hesham Ali. To register click here.

Today's talks aims, objectives and learning outcomes.


Understand relevance of IPR within aligner therapy

Discuss how IPR is implemented in practice

Objectives that will be achieved will answer these questions:

What is IPR?

When is space required?

Why do we need to relieve crowding?

What are the methods of relieving crowding and when is IPR considered in this treatment?

What are the things to consider when planning for IPR and when is it appropriate?

How much IPR should be done? How much quantity is enough?

How do you work out how much IPR to do?

When do you conduct IPR?

What methods are used to conduct IPR?

Learning outcome

By the end of this talk, the learner will get a better insight into IPR and its clinical applications as well as the risks of overdoing IPR.


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