Building a successful private practice
26 October 2020 at 7:15pm GMT

Drs Simon Thackeray and Bertie Napier

Many practitioners consider moving to independent and private practice. However the decision is not only a big one, but a courageous one two. In this webinar, we hold a discussion with two established practitioners who have achieved this and run private practices for many years. The discussions will cover

1. How to overcome the fear of transition from a "secure" income of a NHS contract 

2. How to model your private dentistry to look at addressing inequalitites in health care and  unaffordability

3. Planning. How to transition from NHS practice to Private and what logistical challenges to expect including planning for finance, staff, teams and also your mindset (start with the right mindset). The role of a business coach

4. Rewards and benefits associated with a private practice

5. How to maintain integrity and smart marketing as the perfect balance

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