Computer Assisted Implant Surgery: Is there a real benefit for US and our Patients?
29 April 2021 at 7:00pm BST

Dr Taimoor Kamran

Static Computer Assisted Implant Surgery (sCAIS) is not a new phenomenon and in fact has been available in one form or another since over a decade. However, “Digital workflow” has gained a huge amount of popularity in recent years.

Within a patient centred context, this presentation aims to provide a step-by-step approach to the application of digital technology in daily implant practice. It will demonstrate the use of digital workflow with various clinical case examples showcasing the true value of sCAIS.

The presentation will aim to generate a healthy debate regarding the use of sCAIS in daily practice and whether there is a need for it or not.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the presentation the delegates should be able to:

- Understand the workflow involved in CAIS

- Recognise when and how CAIS might benefit their patients

- Recognise the extent to which cases may be planned utilising digital tools

- Summarize key points from the current evidence base

- Identify some useful hints and tips to help them execute CAIS in daily practice


You can now view the recorded CPD version of this Tubules Live here.

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