Conventional marketing. Does it still have a role and where to place it best
19 October 2020 at 7:30pm BST

Chris Barrow and Derek Van Uttenbrook

Chris Barrow and Derek Van Uttenbrook will cover a very important topic. 

As your practices recover from the set back of the COVID 19 challenges, marketing is going to be a key driver in the success of your practice. Engaging current patients as well as attracting new patients in uncertain times will be a driver for success. 

"Conventional" marketing still has a role to play in the post digital age. 

The presentation will cover

  • Understanding the difference between advertising and marketing - and why that’s important.
  • Creating a comprehensive marketing plan for 2020 embracing ..
  • your patient recall system
  • social media engagement
  • making your website attractive
  • creating your practice blog
  • creating your email patient newsletter
  • engaging the whole team by using your morning huddle as a marketing focal point
  • creating an end of treatment protocol that never fails
  • external marketing through advertising, publishing and networking.
  • Building your own marketing action plan and budget

Deek wil also cover 

The single-most important thing to know before you start any marketing

Understanding patient psychology and 97% of marketing initiatives fail

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