Conversations in Finance - talking money with patients
28 September 2020 at 7:30pm BST

Dhru Shah and Manish Chitnis

Aims and Objectives:

1) To feel comfortable discussing money with your patients (investment for a dental treatment )

2) To understand the right language to use when offering different treatment options and prices to your patients.

3) To feel confident in closing an ethical sale by accepting money towards a dental treatment. (The pre booking concept )

Synopsis :

Money can make many uncomfortable , mostly when you are going to ask for it !

The science behind ethical sales and communication skills is mandatory for a dentist to learn if he wants to serve his patients with best treatment options.

Dr Manish Chitnis talks you through a process / series of right questions to ask your patients to help them make a decision about their treatment.

This process helps you to overcome your reservations in discussing money and help you overcome the barrier to “close” a treatment plan acceptance by your patients.

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