Head nurse course Part 2. Building your leadership
25 January 2022 at 7:30pm GMT

Jo Russell

Overview of the Head Nurse course:

Welcome to this amazing course dedicated to the Head Nurse and the dental team. This is a one-of-a-kind course that has never been done before ….. anywhere! This is the kind of course that is applicable to everyone. It is the Head Nurse course but what we share will be valuable for every single member of the team. It encompasses knowledge on management, leadership, personal development, professional development and so much more.


There is a workbook that can be used with this course and you can also apply for a qualification.


If you like what you hear in this course, share it with your colleagues and everyone. No-one, NO OTHER CPD PROVIDER, I repeat NO OTHER CPD PROVIDER will be able to share the breadth and depth of content that this course will share. It’s been built for you to go beyond yourself and to grow beyond yourself.


Part 2. Building your leadership.

The success of any team is dependent on its leader. This presentation will cover an overview of the leader. 


  • To enable you to be able to successfully lead a team using current theories and leadership models


  • Identify leadership models
  • Explore the differences between management and leadership
  • Evaluate the types of leadership that exist
  • Discuss the work of Lewin, Lippett and White
  • Compare Tuckman’s appraisal of stages that teams move in and out of


By the end of this talk

  • The listener will gain good information to enable them to lead a team using current theories and leadership models

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Please download and print this workbook to accompany the whole course:

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