Interactive Treatment planning week 4. Prosthodontic case - save or extract?
24 June 2021 at 7:30pm BST

Dr Kavit Shah, Rajiv Patel and Daniel Flynn

TubulesLive will feature some of our previous TubulesTalk videos this week, The TubulesTalks will have sessions where interactive treatment planning, featuring a panel, was conducted and the discussions were based around a case or cases. The panel discuss the treatment planning options for each particular case, and debate the pros and cons of various options that can be executed. These sessions will be very useful for all viewers to gain insights into treatment planning.

Viewers will gain : Gain an understanding of treatment planning through this interactive session, taking into consideration:

Presenting complaint of each case

Diagnosis, prognosis

Treatment options

Treatment undertaken

Day 4 of this week will feature a heavily restored case where the decision of saving v/s extraction was considered


You can now view the recorded CPD version of this Tubules Live here.

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