The A team orthodontics. Elastics in Aligner Treatment
22 November 2021 at 7:30pm GMT

Dr Farooq Ahmed

Launching this series is Dr Farooq Ahmed. As a true leader, he takes the plunge first. Dr Ahmed talks about elastics in aligner treatment. He explores the options. He discusses precision hooks, cutouts and buttons, boot strapping and he provides a detailed discussion on how to select the right elastics and right mode of treatment for the right case. Dr Ahmed covers elements related to what each elastics dimensions mean and how you select the right elastics. 

This is part of the 5 part series by the A team on topics related to Aligners

Part 1. Elastics in aligner therapy by Dr Farooq Ahmed. To register click here.

Part 2. Retention in orthodontics by Dr Angela Auluck. To register click here.

Part 3. Aligner mechanics and attachments by Dr Mandeep Gosal. To register click here.

Part 4. Expansion in aligner therapy by Dr Martina Hodgson. To register click here.

Part 5. IPR in aligner therapy by Dr Hesham Ali. To register click here.

Today's talks aims, objectives and learning outcomes.


Gain an overview of the use of elastics in aligner treatment


- Gain knowledge of what elastics are used for?

- What attachments to use with elastics in aligners

- Which elastics to use to get the desired outcomes

Learning outcome

By the end of this talk, the learner will be able to gain knowledge on the use of elastics with their aligners in their clinical cases.


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