The practical demo of disinfection and decontamination. Part 1. The sterile set up.
06 December 2021 at 7:30pm GMT

Helen Howarth and the team at UKDS

This will be part of the disinfection and decontamination practical series. The series will cover

Part 1. Sterile set up for a surgical procedures. To register click here.

Part 2. The decontamination cycle for surgical instruments. To register click here.

Part 3. Handwashing. To register click here.

Part 4. Communicating with FFP3 respirations. To register click here.

This video will cover a step by step practical approach to setting up for a sterile surgical procedure.

The aim of this video is to show the learner a step by step practical approach to setting up for such a procedure

The objectives are

- learn how the sterile and non sterile nurses work together to set up 

- Gain knowledge on how to unpack instruments without contaminating them

- Gain tips on draping

- Know how to undertake donning 

- Get practical knowledge of handwashing for a sterile surgical procedure

By the end of this video the learner will be more confident in following the steps to set up their own sterile surgical set up


You can now view the recorded CPD version of this Tubules Live here.

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