Unlimited U Part 2. Unlocking your 2022 with a different version of inspiration for you and your teams.
18 January 2022 at 7:30pm GMT

Dhru Shah
  • Are you currently feeling lost within your career and not knowing where to go?
  • Are you currently feeling disengaged, disorientated, unappreciated or unrewarded?
  • Are you currently fed up and would change your path if you could?
  • Are you hoping that 2022 will be different - hoping that you want something different, something more engaging, rewarding, and empowering?
  • Are you looking for a different version of success?

Dr Dhru Shah has built DentinalTubules from scratch (zero) into one of United Kingdom and the world's foremost dental growth communities. It boasts nearly 50,000 members worldwide.

In addition to this, he continues to practice clinical dentistry and has spent nearly 20 years as a qualified practitioner and nearly 10 of those as a specialist in periodontics.

During this journey, Dhru has faced challenges like any of you - he had moments where he lost inspiration for dentistry, moments where he led the rescue of the Tubules project, moments of difficult decisions, moments of emotional turbulence, moments of overwhelm, uncertainty, fear, anxiety and stress.

Through all these moments, the constants remained.

  • A never ending energy to push through at all moments and never ending courage to never give up. Some called him a "machine"
  • A never ending passion to serve the purpose of inspiring, and helping the dental professionals worldwide
  • A never ending tide of creativity, ideas and overall a never ending mission to serve, inspire , enable the growth and help Tublites thrive
  • A constant thirst for learning learning and learning

He is not perfect but he has lessons he can share to help you make your 2022 that much better.

The Unlimited U series of talks is all built for you - to give you some tools, some tips and some real practical solutions to make your 2022 unlimited - unlimited for you, unlimited for your energy and unlimited for those around you.

The aims of this talks are : to understand the psychology and neurology behind inspired , energised thinking

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The objectives of the talks are

  1. To understand the inspiration and growth pathways
  2. To enable you to figure out your roadblocks
  3. To give you strategies to unlock your next moves
  4. To enable business owners and practice managers to use these tools to unlock the potential to unlock the inspiration and energy in their own teams

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