Zero Bone Loss Concepts - who day

20 September 2017 at 9:00am BST
Dental hands on courses

Whole day learning about zero bone loss concepts in implants with the live speaker present from 9 am to 9pm

Learning outcomes

Participants will know:
• How to diagnose thin vertical tissues
• Implant placement depth depending on implant/abutment connection type
• Selection of materials for vertical augmentation
• How to increase vertical thickness with allogenic membrane
• Reduce the bone to… save the bone
• “Tent” technique to increase crestal bone stability
• How to select cemented or screw-retained restorations
• The safe cementation without cement excess
• Easy construction of cement-screw retained restorations, using Ti bases
• Cement excess – new plague of the implants?
• The effect of zirconium on peri-implant soft tissues
• Adherence zone and plaque zone. What is the difference?
• Supragingival prosthetic material – which one to select … and many more.

Location address
Henry Schein Education Centre