British Society for Restorative Dentistry

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About Restorative Dentistry and the BSRD


Restorative dentistry is the study, examination and treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, the teeth and their supporting structures. Restorative Dentistry includes the dental monospecialties of endodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics (including implantology), and its foundation is based upon how these interact in the management of cases requiring multifaceted care.
The British Society for Restorative Dentistry, founded in 1968, aims to promote high standards standards in Restorative Dentistry amongst all practitioners, through both meetings and publications. It provides an opportunity to meet with colleagues who share a common interest in keeping abreast of all the changes taking place in this aspect of dentistry, particularly in the field of fixed prosthodontics.
The Society encourages continuing education in Restorative Dentistry: both undergraduate and postgraduate research prizes are awarded and ongoing education projects are run by members

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